Cyber Physical Security Research Center


Headquarters and Affiliated Members

Name Title
Tsutomu Matsumoto Director
Shinichi Kawamura Deputy Director
Masakazu Sawada Deputy Director
Hajime Watanabe Deputy Director
Goichiro Hanaoka Prime Senior Researcher
Kazukuni Kobara Principal Research Manager
Toshio Tokita Principal Research Manager
Tsuyoshi Toyama Invited Researcher
Camille Gay Invited Researcher
Daisuke Suzuki Invited Researcher

Advanced Cryptography Research

Name Title
Goichiro Hanaoka Leader(Concurrent Work)
Jacob Schuldt Senior Researcher
Takahiro Matsuda (Concurrent Work)
Shota Yamada Senior Researcher
Shuichi Katsumata Senior Researcher
Yusuke Sakai Researcher
Kazuma Ohara Researcher
Kazuo Ohta Invited Researcher(U. Electro-Communications)
Kaoru Kurosawa Invited Researcher(Ibaraki Univ.)
Kana Shimizu Invited Researcher(Waseda Univ.)
Koji Nuida Invited Researcher(U. Tokyo)
Eiichiro Fujisaki Invited Researcher(JAIST)
Kazumasa Shinagawa Collaborative Researcher(U. Electro-Communications)
Takaaki Mizuki Collaborative Researcher(Tohoku Univ.)
Taiki Miyahara Collaborative Researcher(Tohoku Univ.)
Miranda Cruz Collaborative Researcher(Osaka Univ.)
Naoto Yanai Collaborative Researcher(Osaka Univ.)
Youhei Watanabe Collaborative Researcher(U. Electro-Communications)

Cryptography Platform Research

Name Title
Nuttapong Attrapadung Leader
Kuniyasu Suzaki Senior Researcher
Akira Tsukamoto Senior Researcher
Tadanori Teruya Senior Researcher
Takao Murakami Senior Researcher
Tetsushi Ohki Collaborative Researcher(Shizuoka Univ.)
Kenji Kashiwabara Collaborative Researcher(U. Tokyo)

Hardware Security Research

Name Title
Shinichi Kawamura Leader (Concurrent Work)
Kentaro Imafuku Senior Researcher
Hirofumi Sakane Senior Researcher
Junichi Sakamoto Researcher
Yohei Hori Senior Researcher(Concurrent Work)
Makoto Nagata Invited Senior Researcher (Kobe Univ.)
Yuich Hayashi Invited Senior Researcher (NAIST)
Morihisa Houga Invited Senior Researcher
Hanae Nozaki Invited Senior Researcher
Minoru Toriumi Invited Researcher(TUS)
Makoto Naruse Invited Researcher(U. Tokyo)

Infrastructure Protection Security Research

Hitoshi Ohsaki Leader
Sumitaka Akiba Senior Researcher
Koji Segawa Senior Researcher
Akihisa Yamada Senior Researcher
Kenichi Handa Invited Senior Researcher
Norihisa Yuki Invited Researcher(NISC)
Isao Tatsuno Collaborative Researcher(Fukko System)

Software Analytics Research

Name Title
Akira Mori Leader
Yoshinao Isobe Senior Researcher
Hideaki Nishihara Senior Researcher
Yoriyuki Yamagata Senior Researcher
Jun Inoue Researcher
Kokichi Futatsugi Invited Researcher
Osamu Mizuno Invited Researcher(Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Masakatsu Morii Invited Researcher(Kobe Univ.)
Katsunari Yoshioka Invited Researcher(Yokohama National Univ.)

Security Assurance Scheme Research

Name Title
Hirotaka Yoshida Leader
Seonghan Shin Senior Researcher
Hiromitsu Takagi Senior Researcher
Ai Kitagawa Researcher
Asahiko Yamada Invited Senior Researcher
Mari Itoh Specialist for Specific Subject (Research)
Yuusuke Mishina Specialist for Specific Subject (Research)
Toshiyuki Kawagishi Invited Researcher(ECSEC Laboratory)
Junko Takahashi Invited Researcher (NTT)
Kazuo Takaragi Invited Researcher
Katsuyuki Umezawa Collaborative Researcher(Shonan Institute of Technology)

Software Quality Assurance Research(Digital Architecture Research Center, Continuum Computing Trustworthiness Research Team)

Name Title
Yutaka Oiwa Leader(Concurrent Work)
Reynald Affeldt Senior Researcher(Concurrent Work)
Takashi Kitamura Senior Researcher(Concurrent Work)
Akira Tanaka Senior Researcher(Concurrent Work)
Yusuke Kawamoto Senior Researcher(Concurrent Work)
Kazumasa Miyake Specialist for Specific Subject (Research)(Concurrent Work)

Joint Appointed Fellow, Emeritus Researcher

Name Title
Katsuro Inoue Joint Appointed Fellow (Osaka Univ.)
Hideki Imai Emeritus Researcher
Kazuhito Ohmaki Emeritus Researcher
Yasuyoshi Uemura Research Emeritus Advisor (ECSEC)