Cyber Physical Security Research Center


White papers

CPSEC is participating in the activities:
(B1) research and development of the technology for constructing a trustworthy chain on the basis of characteristics of each area, and
(C1) research and development of the technology for verifying trustworthy chains
in Cyber Physical Security for IoT Society under SIP (Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program) which is commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

As part of the activities, CPSEC is publishing white paper series "Building Trust in Supply Chains" at this page. The white papers analyze incident cases that damage trust and overview the trust building technology in supply chains.


ISO/IEC 11770-4:2017/AMD 2:2021 Leakage-resilient password-authenticated key agreement with additional stored secrets

ISO/IEC 30147:2021 Integration of IoT trustworthiness activities in ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 system engineering processes

ISO/IEC 19989-1/2/3:2020
Criteria and methodology for security evaluation of biometric systems

ISO/IEC 20085-1:2019 Test tools and techniques


EBCIC: Exact Binomial Confidence Interval Calculator

A tool for rigorously calculating the confidence interval of, e.g. the error rate in biometrics, artefact metrics, and for illustrating the difference from the approximately obtained confidence intervals.


A multi-purpose application level gateway or a proxy server which runs on multi platforms

OTrP proto

The Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) reference implementation