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Machine Learning Quality Management Guideline

CPSEC and AIRC (Artificial Intelligence Research Center) of AIST jointly publish “Machine Learning Quality Management Guideline”. This document establishes a basis for quality goals for machine learning-based products/services, and provides procedural guidance for realizing quality through development process management and system evaluations.

About “Committee for machine learning quality management”

2nd edition

(in Japanese) Machine Learning Quality Management Guideline, 2nd Japanese Edition

English translations are under preparation

1st edition

Machine Learning Quality Management Guideline, 1st Japanese Edition
Published on Jun 30, 2020
CPSEC Technical Report CPSEC-TR-2020001

Machine Learning Quality Management Guideline, 1st English Edition
Published on Feb 12, 2021
CPSEC Technical Report CPSEC-TR-2020002

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