Cyber Physical Security Research Center

Hardware Security Data base

CPSEC of AIST has revised “Hardware Security Data base (shown below ”HW security DB“)”, cooperating with ICSS-JC.

Hardware Security Data base FY2021, v1.0
Published on March 30, 2022

[Outline of revision]

- DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is added
- Papers which have been published in 2018-2020 are listed for investigation
- Attacks on Hardware IP Protection is added as Attack Type 11

Previous version

ECSEC (Electronic Commerce Security Technology Research Association) developed and published previous version :

- The overview of the previous version
- 2017 version


This work was supported by the Cabinet Office (CAO), Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP), “Cyber Physical Security for IoT Society”, JPNP18015 (funding agency: NEDO).