Cyber Physical Security Research Center

Kazukuni Kobara
Principal Research Manager


1994/3: M.E., Division of Computer Science and System Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Yamaguchi University
1994/4: Technical Associate and then Research Associate, from April 1994 and April 2000, respectively, at the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
2003/6: Ph.D. degree in Engineering from The University of Tokyo
2006/4: Leader of the Research Team for Security Fundamentals and then Chief Research Scientist, from April 2006 and July 2006, respectively, of the Research Center for Information Security (RCIS) at AIST
2012/4: Leader of Control System Security Research Group, Research Institute for Secure Systems (RISEC) at AIST
2015/8: Deputy Director and then Director for Policy Planning of Information Service Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
2017/11-: Principal Research Manager of AIST

Research interests: Industrial Cyber-Physical Security, Security Risk Assessment etc.


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  • Alexandra Boldyreva, Hideki Imai, Kazukuni Kobara: “How to Strengthen the Security of RSA-OAEP” IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 56(11) : pp. 5876-5886, 2010.11
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  • Kazukuni Kobara, Hideki Imai: “On the one-wayness against chosen-plaintext attacks of the Loidreau's modified McEliece PKC,” IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 49(12): pp.3160-3168, 2003.12



  • 2021 ITSCJ International Standard Development Award (ISO/IEC 11770-4 AMD2:2021)
  • 2018 ITSCJ International Standard Development Award (ISO/IEC 20009-4:2017)
  • 2013 RISONA Industry-Academia-Government Coordination Award.
  • 2006 JSSM (Japan Society of Security Management) Best Paper Award
  • 2005 Best Paper Award, Wireless Personal Multi-media Communications (WPMC’05)
  • 2003 Vigentennial Award from Information Security group (ISEC) of IEICE (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers)
  • 2003 IEICE Best Paper Award (Inose Award)
  • 2002 Paper Award for Young Researchers, International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications (ISITA’02)
  • 2001 Best Paper Award, Workshop on Information Security Applications (WISA'01)
  • 1996 Best Paper Award, Symposium on Cryptography and Information Security (SCIS’96)